Monday, March 15, 2010


After what has been an agonizing long winter, it is beginning to feel like spring has arrived in San Francisco. It poured all day Friday, and the only thing that kept me from using every bit of savings I have to fly us somewhere warm and dry was the promise by every local weather caster that the weekend would be filled with sun. On Saturday morning I nearly jumped out of bed when I awoke to find clear skies and the sun shining. And I'm not talking about that wussy sunlight that seems to be filtered through a haze that shines here all the time and mocks my need for direct sunlight. It was honest-to-goodness-better-bust-out-the-Coppertone-because-I-can-feel-it-burning-my-skin sunshine! We took a long walk up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower. Friday's storm had blown away any hint of smog or haze, and we could see for what felt like forever once we reached the top of the hill.

At times like this that I have to stop and giggle and pinch myself because it's still hard to believe that I live in San Fran-freaking-cisco! "Why, yes, that's right, that is the Golden Gate Bridge in the photo I took just a few blocks from my apartment."

Sunday dawned even warmer than the day before, so we knew we had to spend the day doing something outdoors. After a stroll around North Beach and an amazing breakfast, we headed to Fort Mason, a former U.S. Army port that is now part of the Golden Gate National Parks network and one of the many parks that dot the area near the water in San Francisco. We laid our blanket out on the large, grassy field overlooking the Marina and spent the afternoon drinking beer, tossing the Frisbee around and soaking up some sun. And we weren't alone. The park was teeming with people and dogs running, biking, napping, hula-hooping (not the dogs, although that would be awesome), Frisbeeing and generally having a great time. It was pretty much the most awesome day ever.

Stasia put in some solid time rolling around in the grass and looking like a happy seal, something she doesn't get to do nearly as often as any of us would like.

And to top it all off, there was even an unexpected appearance by the red and pink Power Rangers. We are learning to expect the unexpected in this city...

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