Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl

I love the Super Bowl. Any event that combines junk food, beer, friends and football is ok is my book. This year we were in Florida celebrating Adam's parents' 30th wedding anniversary over Super Bowl weekend (Congratulations, Alan and Randi!), and I had my first experience gorging myself on stone crab! For those of you who don't know, only the claws of the stone crab are harvested and eaten. Which means no having to crack open any skinny little legs to get at the meat. They are delicious and so meaty that eating them feels completely indulgent.

On years like this when I'm not really cheering for either of the competing teams, I especially look forward to all the commercials. I'm a sucker for creative marketing, and I could watch funny commercials all day. This year wasn't my favorite Super Bowl for commercials, but there were a few that were pretty creative and made me laugh.


This one made me laugh, although if the world was ending I don't think I would want Bud Light to be my last drink... And isn't that the guy from Lost?...

This one cracks me up. And they're really reaching their target demographic because Adam loves this one.

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